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SQI Annual 1


SQI ANNUAL #1The best of the early issues of Scream Queens Illustrated with a collection of photos of Julie Strain, Brinke Stevens, Lorissa McComas, Debbie Rochon and many, many more!

Special Price: $5

SQI 29



SQI #29: Dedicated to actress Darian Caine with interview and photo layout.

Special Price: $5

SQI 28



SQI #28: Dedicated to actress Glori-Anne Gilbert with interview and photo layout. LIMITED SUPPLIES.

Special Price: $10

SQI 26


SQI #26: Issue dedicated exclusively to Misty Mundae with interview and extensive photo layout. Nearly sold out!  Hard issue to find. LIMITED SUPPLIES.

Special Price: $15 SOLD OUT!!!

SQI 25


SQI #25: Issue dedicated to actress Lorissa McComas with in-depth interview and massive photo layout. Limited supplies. LIMITED SUPPLIES.

Special Price: $10

SQI 23



SQI #23: Kym Malin from Playmate to Slaymate, interview with Rick Baker, the VAMPS of E.I. Cinema.

Special Price: $5

SQI 22



SQI #22: Pictorial and interview with Ginger Lynn Allen, DeDe Line, illustrator Dorian Cleavenger. 

Special Price: $5

SQI 21



SQI #21Christine Cavalier, art and artist Jennifer Janesko.

Special Price: $5

SQI 19



SQI #19: Dave Nestler’s Wicked City, Julie Wallace and more!

Special Price: $5

SQI 17



SQI #17Cyber-Babes B-movie sites on the Internet, Countess Vladimira, gorgeous girls of Chiller, plus more.

Special Price: $5

SQI 12



SQI #12: Special collectors edition with Julie Strain, Tammy Parks, Julie Wallace and more. 

Special Price: $5




SQI #9: Michelle Bauer’s (supposed) final interview and photo shoot, fantasy girl Becky Sunshine and Debbie D.

Special Price: $5



SQI #3: Have a workout with Jasae, Stacy Warfel centerfold, Fred Olen Ray and the girls of Bikini Drive In, Terri and Christine – the mom and daughter scream queens, the stars of Night of the Cat.

Special Price: $5


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