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Pinup 7


PINUP #7: In-depth look at 30s platinum bombshell JEAN HARLOW. Interview with 1954 “Playboy” Playmate DIANE HUNTER. Plus BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IN FULL COLOR LAYOUTS!

Special Price: $5

Pinup 6

PINUP #6:  The first issue of the new millennium and our centerfold girl’s first time posing nude in front of the camera! Three super hot nude layouts with new models! An in-depth look at Britain’s answer to Marilyn Monroe – DIANA DORS. Sex scandals: drugs, witchcraft and sexual deviations follow the mysterious murder of 1920’s director WILLIAM DESMOND TAYLOR! Plus “Playmate” news & more!

Special Price: $5

Pinup 5

PINUP #5: In-depth look at the career of FARRAH FAWCETT! Interview with 1975 Playmate JANET LUPO & 1976 Playmate of the Year Lillian Muller. Heart-stopping full color layouts of beautiful women! SEX SCANDALS! Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle bizarre murder trial. Plus tons more!

Special Price: $5

Pinup 4


PINUP #4: In-depth look at Ann-Margret, interview with pinup artist Jennifer Janesko, interviews with “Playboy” Alumni Association’s Nancy Harwood and Reagan Wilson, history of the drive-in and more! Three fantastic layouts including cover girl “ary” in the “passion pit!”.

Special Price: $5


PINUP #3: 1978 PLAYMATE OF THE YEAR: DEBRA JO FONDREN. MISS JUNE 1969: HELENA ANTONACCIO. An in-depth look at model, actress, singer and TV star: TINA LOUISE  THREE HEART STOPPING LAYOUTS including a BETTIE PAGE lookalike! Heavy 80# glossy paper - full color!

Special Price: $5

Pinup 1

PINUP #1:  THE REAL BETTIE PAGE (interview with author Richard Foster with never-seen-before Bettie Page photos!), a look at JANE RUSSELL and MARILYN MONROE accompanied with Marilyn Monroe look-a-like photos! Interview with August ‘67 Playmate DEDE LIND!  Destined to be a collectors item! 

Special Price: $5


Oriental Pinup 2


ORIENTAL PINUP #2: Featuring an in-depth look at the life, career and films of AMY YIP! A newly uncovered Asian pinup from the ‘50s! More revealing photos of beautiful Asian women!

Special Price: $5

Oriental Pinup 1

ORIENTAL PINUP #1: Get the first EXPLOSIVE ISSUE! Featuring an in-depth look at Hong Kong superstar CHINGMY YAU (star of NAKED KILLER, RAPED BY AN ANGEL). Extensive filmography with reviews and photos!  Plus three sexy layouts of Asian beauties!  Get this collector’s edition while you can!

Special Price: $5


Each digest issue is a collection of pinup photos from the 50s and 60s!

Pinup Digest 6




Special Price: $5

Pinup Digest 5




Special Price: $5

Pinup Digest 4




Special Price: $5

Pinup Digest 3




Special Price: $5

Pinup Digest 1



PINUP DIGEST #1: Signed gold foil cover, includes photos of Bettie Page. Rare. Limited quanities. 

Special Price: $10


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